The Success Team

John Hauser
Advisory Board

Mr. Hauser is a native Houstonian who, for more than 30 years, has been starting, growing, running and advising businesses and their owners. His expertise includes business management, finance, and law in industries spanning manufacturing, energy, technology, service, real estate and travel.He spent a quarter of a century in the Pacific Northwest attending law school at Lewis and Clark Law School (J.D., 1990, magna cum laude), practicing law, building businesses and helping owners realize their dreams and goals. Here turned to Houston in 2011.   

During his career, he has run more than half a dozen companies employing more than 500 people, practiced law, restructured more than half a billion dollars in debt, built companies from scratch, saved companies from the brink of disaster, changed lives and repaired fractured relationships,motivated people to give more of themselves than they believed they had inside,developed strategic and operational plans and the budgets necessary to cause them to come to fruition, bought businesses, sold businesses, closed businesses, hired, fired and counseled employees.  He has evaluated investments including active operating businesses, and pure investments from stocks to bonds to real estate to commodities to derivatives to currencies.


Mr. Hauser currently sits on the boards of Mansa Capital, LLC, NanoridgeMaterials, Inc., Apex Group of Companies, LLC, and Global Fund Management, LLC.He is the Managing Member of HATSCo, LLC and is a Member of RSHH, LLC,and Apex Petroleum and Energy Xpress, LLC.


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