Apex is committed to bringing state of the art, innovative products that meet the highest global standards. Some of the diversified products we offer are listed below:

Oil & Gas products (technical services)

Continuum Chemicals
Providing solutions to the Oil & Gas industries by way of manufacturing and supplying refinery maintenance, odor control, and degassing products, along with industrial cleaners and oilfield production products with hands on industrial and technical services. With state of the art products, Continuum enhances the cost savings and reduces the down time to 10% of conventional methods causing huge increases in the production capacity of the plant.

RP Manufacturing
Houston, Texas based Technical solutions and service provider to the Oil & Gas Industry.

RP Manufacturing has extensive experience of working with Oil and Gas corporations for the past four decades and have designed and manufactured machinery and technical solutions that are cost effective and provide added safety to the workers at each respected site.

Hydra Safe
Robotic Unit for capping in Oil & Gas drilling.

Designed to assist in the installation of safety valves in critical situations and to help overcome problems in installing suspended safety valves. This innovative robotic unit is the first of it's kind to be introduced to the Oil & Gas Industry.

Bucking Units
Connects over sized pipes through state of the art bucking and breakout units that cover the entire range of tubing and casing. The sizes range from 15 to 20 inch O.D. and the full range of units provide technical solutions & support to the Oil & Gas industry.

RP has been successful for over seventeen years in specializing in hydraulic bucking units, pneumatic casing elevators, and make-up/break-out units.

Apex IT Products:

Amicus VMS (Vehicle Management System)
This technology sets new standards in vehicle & driver monitoring & data logging. From Fleet managers to individual drivers, the Amicus system is a unique and versatile information support tool that saves valuable time, money and resources.

Amicus VMS offers a new level of versatility and intelligence in information management and is = capable of providing customer-focused solutions through a variety of service level options. The system offers many outstanding benefits, including:

  • Improved productivity and efficiency
  • Cost Efficiency
  • Health & Safety compliance
  • Enhanced vehicle security and vehicle tracking
  • Journey and driver monitoring
  • Accurate business and private mileage records
  • Taxation savings
  • Potentially reduce insurance costs
  • Simplified company car taxation process
  • Greater fuel efficiency
  • Environmental benefits

Mobile Web Surf
This technology automatically transforms, optimizes and delivers any web content, corporate intranets, documents and enterprise applications to any hand held device in any modality. The automatic transformation is done in real-time and requires no need for any re-formatting or manually converting of content.

Catalyst Business Manager
This software product manages entire business processes such as automatic grouping of accounts, on-line manuals, codeless accounting, general ledger, receivables, payables, billing and inventory control and so on.

Catalyst Campus
School, college, or university management software that covers all aspects of education management like academics, counseling, library, payroll, asset management, examination, receipts and payments, income and expenditure statements and much, much more.


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