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Press Releases

Keaton Fox Reports: Port of Corpus Christi Selects Three Contenders For NSI Property/
For immediate release: Jul 30, 2010

CORPUS CHRISTI -- The Port of Corpus Christi has narrowed the possible buyers for the Naval Station Ingleside property.

Staff recommended three companies, ranking them from most recommended starting with Service Marine, Corpus Development, and Apex.

Service Marine would use the property as a hub for its boat repair service.

Corpus Development owns thousands of acres across from NSI, and would use the land as a master development and would sublease the property to industrial and commercial companies.

Apex, who owns SwiftShips, would manufacture vessels for military use. One comissioner pointed out that the Swift Boats from the Vietnam War were made by SwiftShips.

Two other companies, Secure World Trade and Ingleside Technology were not recommended because they could not prove their ability to finance, staff said in the meeting.


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